Our Packaged Services

We currently updating the details of packaged services, but contact us to get details about our services.

We offer currently following packages servies

  • SAP Basis: NetWeaver Developer Environment Starter-Packaged for Web-Projects
  • Biller Direct Standard Package
  • Biller Direct Pro Evolution - Starter-Package
  • Biller Direct Pro Evolution - Maxi-Package
  • UCES Standard Installation
  • UCES Pro Evolution - Starter-Package
  • UCES Pro Evolution - Maxi-Package
  • SAP CRM Basisline Package
  • SAP CRM Sales Package
  • SAP CRM Marketing Package
  • SAP CRM Service Package
  • SAP e-commerce for B2B
  • SAP WebShop B2C
  • SAP Web-Channel Experience Management B2C or B2B